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Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The topic of embryonic stem cells, or ES cells, is controversial.  ES cells are cells that can be isolated from early embryos. Even before they differentiate into specific types of cells.

There is great interest in exploring the use of ES cells to treat and cure various diseases because of the potential for stem cells to generate fresh, healthy cells of nearly any type.

The controversy regarding human ES cells relates to their derivation from very early embryos and can generate exact match cells through a technique called cloning using somatic cell nuclear transfer.


Research is suggesting that woman can produce an increased number of eggs than that they were borne with. Stem cells  can give rise to cells that appear to be mature oocytes if taken from the ovaries of reproductive age women.

These findings were reported in the March 2012 issue of Nature Medicine and opens the door to a new generation of assisted fertility treatments.

Thyroid Level’s Relationship To Stem Cells

The link between Stem Cell production and Thyroid Levels is well documented. This video by Dr Nixon of the Longevity Medical Clinic highlights this and we note unbalanced levels of thyroid can lead to symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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